Thursday, June 18, 2015

Easy Tips to Make Sure Your Outfit is Modest!

 Hey Y'all! First things first, I apologize that it's taken me so long to get this post up as well as outfit pictures; I have been overly busy with having just gotten a job, youth group events, Bible studies, and all that good stuff. So, (finally) here is the first post *cheers* . But, don't get your hopes up, 'cuz its just a few more basic things, but I should start getting some more posts up soon as I get into the swing of things;)
 Anyhow, I've been having a lot of trouble thinking of something to write to start the HH's posts off. I guess I tend to over think things and forget that there's nothing wrong with starting out simple. So, as I was making up a new gallon of sweet tea (which is a staple in my house and around here) and trying to listen to a little country music (also a staple) over running water and the fan, I realized that I could just throw out some tips that I've learned over the years that have been helpful for me. And that's what this blog is basically all about- being helpful to girls and woman that want to honor God by being modest.
 So here we go- Here are some tips that I've gathered over the years that I use on a daily basis:

One thing that is kind of an every day basic thing for me is just looking at myself in a full length mirror. I don't mean looking at myself to be like "Dang! Lookin' fineeee!" Haha I don't think I can even think of I time where I've ever thought that- usually I'm like "Agh! The horror!" and have to run back upstairs and start from the beginning or I'm like "Agh! The horror!" and then just shrug and decide to avoid people haha. But, we're talking about when we don't get that privilege. So, Anyways, when I am going out and have to be presentable, I look at myself in the mirror and do a few basic things-

  • Bend over all the way. When I look into the mirror, I shouldn't see my shirt sagging down and showing my chest. Besides the fact that that would be embarrassing to me, I also want to make sure that I'm not causing one of my brothers in the Lord to stumble! Although it would be their sin for having those thoughts, I would never want to be a temptation for someone who may struggle with that.
  • Reach my arms over my head. This time when I look into the mirror, I shouldn't catch my shirt sliding up and showing my stomach/back. This goes right along with what I said in the last tip about causing your brother to stumble. Again, I don't want to make it sound like the only reason we should be modest is because men have no self-control and any time they lust it is our fault; it's not! But, let me put it to you like this- Let's say you were really trying to lose weight. You really struggled with your sugar intake so you were trying to go cold turkey on sugar for a whole two weeks. As if that already wasn't hard enough, your "friend", who was encouraging you to start the diet in the first place and knew that you were on it, was constantly presenting cake, and cookies, and ice cream to you and eating it in your face. So imagine that after so many times of your friend doing this, you finally give in and eat the sugar. Immediately after you've eaten it, your friend starts putting you down for failing on your diet and you've ultimately failed at your point in losing weight. To me, this is kind of what I try to picture our Christian brothers going through. Imagine how impossible it would seem to pass up on something (that you already struggle with) being flaunted in your face. So, knowing how displeasing sin is to God and how hard it is not to partake in it, I want to be careful not to cause my brothers to stumble. Although it would ultimately be their failure, I would not ever want to be the one who assisted Satan in his dirty work against our fellow brothers. Sin is tough and we all have our areas that we struggle in and I see that, so I want to be sure that in whatever I do I am helping my brothers (and sisters) instead of hindering them.
  • Watch any slits in my skirt as I move around. ( if you're wearing a skirt). Sometimes, if there are slits in a skirt to make it more functional, it might show more than you want when you're sitting down or move up further and show much more skin than desired if you bend down, ect. Causing your brother to stumble aside, this is just a pretty practical one. I'm guessing that most (if not, all) woman don't want other people to see their underwear; that's just... well, embarrassing. So, this is one pointer I try never to forget!
  • Just jump around, dance, or demonstrate some kind of activity that I may be participating in that day to make sure no extra skin (chest, midriff, back, too far up your legs) is showing. I try to keep in mind what I'm doing in the day to come so that I can be practical about what I'm wearing, but just in case, I always double check that I'm not showing off anything extra;)
  • Use a tank top! If you  have a favorite shirt that has any of these problems (low neckline, too short) something that can usually fix the problem is an undershirt/cami that either has a higher neckline or that you can pull down to cover your stomach. Just make sure that it isn't see-through;)!
 So, there you have it. There are some basic pointers that I find practical for daily use. I hope you find them as useful as they are to me.  Remember that what matters most is that you are beautiful in you Creator's eyes.

Thanks for reading and comment below if you want to request a topic, have a question, or just find this article helpful! It is so encouraging to hear from readers and it helps to keep me posting!

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