Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Quick Thought on Psalm 40:17


         "As for me, I am poor and needy, but the Lord takes thought for me."
|Psalm 40:17|

 I cried when I read this verse. In fact, when I went to read the whole of Psalm 40 during a family devotion, I cried the whole time. If you know me, you'd probably be surprised, since it is not often that something can bring me to be so emotional. 
 When I read this verse, every sin I'd ever committed (or at least the overwhelming consciousness of them) flashed through my head. I was reminded of who I was as a sinner. So filthy and undeserving of any kind of love. All that I have been commanded to do, I daily break. Jesus took my place- my punishment- at the cross, and I say I am grateful,yet I daily spit in his face. 
 I am nothing. I have done nothing to earn Christ's favor. I am poor and needy. Why should He care for me?
 So, I wept for my sins. 
 But, (and oh, what a glorious but!) then I read the rest of the verse. "but the Lord takes thought for me." I read it again. The Lord takes thought for me?? Every day I disobey what God has commanded me. Every day, like a wayward sheep I stray from the path. But, like the good shepherd that he is, he patiently searches me out and carries me back to Himself. So softly, so tenderly he leads me back to the fold. Sometimes I come back kicking and screaming, but still, he gently corrects His child- poor and needy as I am. 
 So, I wept because Jesus takes thought for me.
The Glorious Maker of the entire universe thinks of me and takes time to have a relationship with me. How can it be? 
Praise God.

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