Monday, August 1, 2016

RE-DESIGN {June 2016}

  Hey, Y'all. Wow. How things can change only over the course of a year. 2016 brought a whole new world of changes for me. But, fortunately, these changes were for the better.
Because of theses drastic changes, I am re-designing my entire blog.
  At this point, I'm sure you're probably curious about what changes could cause this and where I've been for the past 8 months. Well, I took a break from HH originally because I was struggling inside spiritually and doing a good bit of self-searching. I do still believe that my intentions were right in having this blog. I just wanted to share my beliefs about modesty with other girls and women. But, I was losing sight of more important spiritual things because my focus came to be much more on how I looked on the outside. I may have denied it, but I was so worried about my outsides fitting to certain standards that I neglected the other parts of my walk with God. It was an illusion to myself and to others who may not have known me intimately. Because I looked "holy" I often assumed I was doing fine and other people may have thought this themselves.
  But, as always, Jesus dealt patiently with me and guided me in the right direction through various trials. I will not go through these in detail, but I will talk briefly about what ultimately set me onto a better mindset about outward modesty.
  During this time in which I was struggling spiritually, I was seeing other "Christians", who also believed strongly in outward holiness, which, to me, always seemed so put together and so perfect... So, well, holy.  For awhile, they were my example. I strived to be as put-together as they seemed. They just seemed to be better Christians than me. So, without realizing it, I became overly focused on fitting all these outward standards that I, in turn, adopted.
  Eventually, God began revealing to me that it was all a show. You can be as perfect as you want on the outside, but without having a truly changed heart and the Holy spirit's work in your life, it all means nothing. Clothing can only polish your outsides, it can do nothing for the filthiness that lies in our hearts if they are not cleansed by Christ.
Although we are called to be modest, I can't stress enough how important it is go first have a changed heart and then have the Holy Spirit guide your convictions in modesty.
  The Bible is not very specific about standards of modesty in women besides the fact that we are called to be feminine and modest. We are also to keep in mind that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and we should adorn ourselves purely and appropriately. The beautiful thing is that God leaves this up to our interpretation and the conviction of the Spirit. We should remember that our outward appearance should reflect a changed heart.
  So, to avoid putting the focus too much on the outward man, I want to make Humbly His more about spiritual encouragement and things like this. But, never fear, I still want to capitalize on fashion, so that will remain the focus!
 What I want to leave y'all with today is this verse:
1 Samuel 16:7
"...For man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart."
I can't wait to start over again (and consistently post, too!:D)
P.S. I'm actually planning on starting up an Instagram page for easier posting of outfit ideas, instead of struggling to post them on here! I'll let y'all know when!

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