Thursday, August 18, 2016

Beauty Tip: How I Got My Hair to Grow Faster

 My obsession with getting my hair to waist-length began about a year ago. For my whole life, my hair had just been able to graze my chest at its very longest. For some reason, no matter how regularly I trimmed it and tried to keep it healthy, it would never grow! It was the most frustrating thing ever. Finally, I became tired of the nonsense; I wanted my hair to be to my butt, and I wanted it now. 
 So, I actually did research or hair growth, and what I found was enlightening. First of all, I noticed some things I was doing wrong:

       1.) I was using a lot of heat on my hair. 
This was really bad. Heat damage is one of the biggest issues when it comes to hair growth problems. Most people don't know how bad simply blow drying your hair after a shower or straightening it can be. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Of course basically burning your delicate strands of hair would be bad for it! Unless you have some kind of protective spray or ointment you apply to your hair beforehand, heat should be avoided at all costs.
        2.) I was washing and conditioning my hair wrong.
This is another issue that many people have no clue that about. To simplify it, shampoo is for the roots of your hair and your scalp only. Conditioner is for the ends and middle of your hair only. When I was washing my hair, I was washing all of it, even the ends. This drys out and damages your hair a lot. Also, remember to use a good brand of shampoo and conditioner to keep things going along. A brand like Organix is great, but is definitely not cheap. Your hair will love you, but your wallet, not so much.
        3.) I was brushing my hair when it was wet.
When your hair is wet, it becomes extremely prone to breakage and stretching. Unless you have some kind of emergency, do not brush wet hair. It really tears it up even if you do not notice it. If you absolutely must brush your hair, go through it extremely carefully, starting at the bottom, and working your way up to avoid creating more knots or worsening already existing ones.

 Once I became conscious of these things, I saw a big improvement in the growth and overall quality of my hair. But, because my hair is so slow growing, I wanted to speed things up. I was impatient. So, I researched and researched and tried all kinds of strange concoctions {including raw eggs and fish oil:o}, but nothing seemed to really do anything drastic. Granted, they all made my hair feel nice, but they didn't seem to be growing it out any faster. Until... I stumbled across something that actually did work.... Drum roll, please!
COCONUT OIL!! I read about the benefits of this stuff in multiple places so I decided to give it a go and I am SO happy that I did. My top-of-the-chest length hair went to just-grazing-my-butt length in the matter of about 6 months {despite the fact that I used it so unfaithfully}.

So, just how did I use the coconut oil to power up my hair, you ask?
Here is the most effective process I've found:

The Inversion Method

1. Warm up around 4 tablespoons oil. You can do more or less, dependent upon the amount of hair your have. To warm it, I usually set a chunk of my coconut oil {if it's solid} in a bowl and heat it up for a few seconds, but you can also set a bowl of it into a bigger bowl of warm water.  Once the oil gets warm to the touch, take it out. You don't want it to be so hot that you'd burn yourself. The point of this process is to increase blood flow to your scalp. 

2. Apply the oil to your scalp. The whole thing should be covered with a thin layer of it. For me, the oil is easier to work in if my hair is at least somewhat damp before this whole process {but not completely wet}. 

3. Comb the oil through the rest of your hair. Again, be gentle so you do not damage your hair in the process. 

4. Massage your scalp for about 4 minutes. Be somewhat vigorous, but still gentle enough that you aren't hurting yourself or your hair. 

5. Throw your hair forward and hold your head upside down for 4 more minutes. This is going to help the blood flow come to your head. You can stand over a sink or your bathtub while doing this or sit on a chair with your head forward or even lie on your bed with your head over the side. Whatever feels comfortable to you is the best option. 

6. Wash the oil out with shampoo or, if your hair is especially dry, keep it in for a few hours or even overnight {do not keep it in overnight too often, because it can clog up your pores instead of helping} before you wash it out. Make sure to get it all out, but to be gentle. 

7. Do not repeat this process again for at least 2 weeks {at first}, preferably 3-4 {after you've done it a few times}. If you use the inversion method too often, your body will become used to it, and it will not be as effective. It can also clog your pores if done too often, which is not helpful either. 

Although it takes a few times to see results, I've found this method to be extremely effective over any other method. 

Good luck in your journey to longer, healthier hair:)


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